San Diego Parrot Head Club
Our Charities

Here are the charities that we are supporting in 2017.  Every year, we support a new group of charities local to San Diego.  In addition, we donate our times to such causes as the Rock N Roll Marathon (running a 100+ volunteer water station), beach clean-up, and the San Diego Food Bank.  If you would like to volunteer with us, or or if  you are a 501 (c)3 charity looking for funding, feel free to email us,


Autism Society of San Diego

The Autism Society SD is a local, non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of all impacted by autism. We began in 1966 and celebrated our 50th anniversary last year. The Autism Society SD has a dynamic, and dedicated board of directors.  Our all-volunteer, 19-member board includes autistic individuals, parents of autistic children, community members and autism professionals from all geographic regions of the county.  We promote lifelong access and opportunities for all autistic individuals to be fully participating, included members of our community. We provide information, referrals and support to autistic people, their families, educators, medical professionals, and others working in the field of autism.  We promote and fund autism research.  The Autism Society SD serves as the voice and resource of the local autism community through increased public awareness efforts, educational and recreational community activities. All money raised stays in San Diego.  One of our most popular programs is our adaptive swimming lesson program.  We provide swim lesson scholarships for specialized, one on  one on one  lessons with autism trained teachers. Drowning is the leading cause of death in autistic children under the age of 14 years.  Most children with autism are attracted to water and have no regard for safety. Currently, our waiting list is over 600.  We need increased funding to expand our swimming lesson program and reach the many who want and need lessons.


Burn Institute

www.burninstitute.orgParalyzed Veterans

Since 1972, the Burn Institute is the only organization of its kind dedicated to reducing burn injuries and deaths in San Diego and Imperial counties and our success is in large part due to our fire and burn prevention programs and our unique support services for those who have endured a burn.  In the unfortunate incident of a burn injury, we assist in the physical, emotional, and psychological recovery of burn survivors and their families. Prevention programs include Fire Safe Kids, an interactive presentation to elementary age children to educate youth about fire safety.  They learn to “Stop Drop and Roll” and take-home information to share with parents and siblings.  Our free smoke alarm installation program provides the aging population greater safety in their homes without the dangers of the elderly trying to maintain the devices by getting on ladders.  The Burn institute is a resource for various literature to educate and prevent fires and burns. Burn injury, whether accidental or inflicted, remains one of the leading causes of childhood death and disfigurement in the United States. For those who survive a serious burn injury, permanent scarring, physical deformity, social isolation and emotional trauma linger well beyond the initial tragedy. The Burn Institute remains adamant in proactively being a prominent support system for these burn survivors and their families for the long-term. Our programs include weekend retreats, social outings, semi-monthly support groups and our hallmark program; Camp Beyond the Scars, a camp for burn injured children.


Paralyzed Veterans of America, SD Chapter

The mission of Paralyzed Veterans of America, Cal-Diego Chapter (PVA) is to improve the quality of life of U.S. Armed Forces veterans and others who have spinal cord injury or dysfunction through the use of education, advocacy, research, sports and recreation and communication.  Life can be complicated, but add a spinal cord injury or dysfunction and it can seem impossible.  This is where PVA comes in.  PVA is a holistic, one-on-one, partner for life.  We provide support to any veteran, regardless of their ability level, and their families and caregivers, as a direct service provider, with many programs.  Locally, we provide adaptive programs as diverse as music lessons, sailing, radio control cars and planes, motorsports, reimbursement for attending events such as movies, plays, games, etc.  Our whole goal is to reintegrate our SCI friends into an active and productive lifestyle.


Team Parker for Life

www.teamparker4life.orgTraveling Stories

Our Mission: While boosting morale for kids battling cancer, our mission is to raise awareness, support cancer research, and be a voice for the children in their fight against this horrific disease. What We Do: Team Parker for Life is committed to serving the public, specifically children with cancer and their families. We host various events and fundraisers throughout the year not only to meet the financial needs of our programs, but also to unite as a community and raise awareness about childhood cancer. All proceeds from the events increase TPFL's budget so we can provide grants for our Hero4Life Program, fund clinical trials, support research, and continue the fight against childhood cancer! All founders, directors, board members, and coordinators, of Team Parker for Life are VOLUNTEERS who give their time selflessly to guide our policies and help meet the needs of our foundation. Story: At age 7 Parker David Shaw was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, nine months after treatment he was Cancer free. Parker's strength, faith, and courage inspired us to form a non-profit organization benefitting other children and families battling the same disease and other forms of childhood cancer. Parker and his family still have a long road ahead, but in their journey, want to raise awareness for this disease and give back to other's experiencing the same hardships. All proceeds raised through Team Parker For Life will go to helping other Children in their fight against Cancer. Thank you for your support and generosity!


Traveling Stories

Traveling Stories is a San Diego-based nonprofit organization that helps kids fall in love with reading by the fourth grade. Children learn to read up through the fourth grade.  After that they read to learn. However, in America 82% of low-income children cannot read proficiently by the 4th grade.  A low literacy level, combined with poverty, makes a child up to 15x more likely to drop out of school. Traveling Stories provides a sustainable solution that transforms reluctant readers into confident ones. Our mobile StoryTent program meets readers in their communities, engages the entire family and incorporates financial literacy. We not only make reading fun, but we also empower kids with the skills they need to outsmart poverty. Every year Traveling Stories helps over 6,000 children  become better readers. When you write yourself into the story we’ll be able to reach even more!  While we support children world-wide, all of the money from SDPHC will stay in San Diego.  It will sponsor a StoryTent in SD County, book give-aways to low income households, the summer reading challenge, and workshops with local community leaders.


Wounded Warrior Homes

Wounded Warrior Homes supports post-911 single, male veterans in the San Diego area who are struggling with Traumatic Brain Injury and/or Post Traumatic Stress as a result of their military service. We give these medically discharged veterans, who otherwise might be homeless, a stable and nurturing place to live for up to 30 months and, just as important, hands-on case management, helping get them back on their feet to become self-sufficient as civilians. We currently run 2 transitional homes in the North San Diego County area with a third slated to open in Summer of 2017. To date we have graduated over 44 veterans from our program and handled 1200+ calls from all over the US requesting support. A good example of the men we have helped is Rob, a former Marine who struggles with PTSD and numerous physical ailments related to his multiple deployments. After being medically discharged, he soon found himself desperate. He was unemployed, down to his last $80 and living in his car when he found his way to Wounded Warrior Homes. After completing our program, he’s now three credits from completing his college degree, has a girlfriend, and runs his own business. He has completely turned around his life. Please help Wounded Warrior Homes by investing in the future of San Diego’s veterans from the recent wars who struggle with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress. Together we can help them successfully reintegrate into society!